Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ruined House Scenery - II. Painting and Final Detail

After building a partially constructed house / ruin out of Hirst Arts blocks, I went about basecoating the entire model in black. For the walls, my wife suggested that I try painting them in a light colour, perhaps some sort of terracotta. Not wanting to disappoint, I decided to give that a go. So, I steadily dry brushed the scenery up to a healthy looking pale orange with several coats.

The flooring was dry brushed with several shades of grey and highlighted around two of the edges (each tile). This creates a nice effect on the stone floor that I'm very happy with.
About the only thing that I'm not entirely satisfied with is the flocking and greenery that I've added around the edge. I think something more rubble like would have been a superior choice to the lawn and (semi muddied) pathway that I've put in place. Other than that, I'm content overall with the outcome.

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