Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Possessed Chaos Marines in Kill Team

Question: Do possessed chaos space marines get to roll separately on the special ability table in kill team given that each individual model is considered a unit in and of itself?

Apologies if this has been talked of elsewhere before, but this question came up in a recent conversation and I thought I'd post it here and see what others thought. My personal opinion is that they would each roll separately since they're each treated as a single unit. But equally, I'm biased. Does anyone have a different point of view, or do the majority share my opinion?


John Lambshead said...

I would answer 'yes' for two reasons.
1. they are individual units when played in the game (but you could argue that they are a single unit when 'bought').
2. It would add enormously to the flavour of the game and is in the spirit of kill team.

Anton said...

well I would also say yes as the rule everyman for himself says that all models operate as individual units, now as you roll for your possessed "skills" before turn 1 but after deployment in theory they are each a unit ;)

and the fluff is great!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for sharing your opinions John & Anton!

I totally agree with the fluff and flavour of the game being in keeping with this interpretation.

Falk said...

I agree.
It's the same for Guard Penal Legion or for chossing doctrines for Stormtroopers. Every man for himself means every model is a unit in itself, and therefore you must roll for each one individually.

I've had a game with 25 Guardsmen stomping through a jungle-table. Rolling difficult terrain for each model is a bit of a pain in the a$$ :)

jabberjabber said...

Hi Falk: wow, 25 difficult terrain tests in one turn is probably more than I roll in an entire "standard" game! Thanks for your opinion too!

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