Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chaos Marine Champion

Amongst the rank and file of the chaos marines, there are always those that through chance or otherwise get elevated above the rest. I personally like fielding aspiring champions with my regular troops as it gives me the option to have a power fist. These days, there are very few folks out there who don't take this option or the power sword on an aspiring champion - they're pretty much a staple in whatever flavour of chaos space marine army I'm fielding!

This particular fellow will be painted up in Sons of Malice colours eventually. He has a power fist on the left arm and is holding a bolter in the right thanks to a little conversion work. A bolt pistol holder can be seen glued to the rear of his left thigh. He is otherwise a standard chaos space marine aspiring champion except for the base. On the base, I've glued several broken buttons (and other assorted random bits) in to place for him to stand on and gesticulate past. Buttons are a surprisingly good material to work with for your urban basing needs!


Big Jim said...

Very nice, the pose and the base look great!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Jim!

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