Saturday, June 19, 2010

Planetary Empires: Crater Tile

The crater tile from Planetary Empires has three distinct components to be painted (a) the crater itself; (b) the ruins around some of the edges; and (c) empty land around the other edges.
After investigating some internet pictures of Earth-based and other craters, it became obvious that the central raised circle of the crater should be a slightly different hue to the main portion of the crater, and the outer rim. I have attempted to accomplish this by dry brushing the inner rim to give some highlight to it.

The ruins otherwise followed the prescription that I followed when I was painting one of the ruined tiles earlier. The grassy area then followed on neatly from the ruins area as I blended the two in to one another to suggest that the ruination had occurred recently, but not so far back in the past that the grass has started to over-grow the ruins.

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