Monday, June 28, 2010

Obliterator Pair Finished

I realized the other day that I'd long ago painted up both of my obliterators, but hadn't shown an image of the final result on the blog. So here they are in their glory: not one but two obliterators.The painting follows the detail that I posted about when I painted the first one. The broad idea was to have the colours fit in with my Nurgle Death Guard army -- i.e. lots of rusted tones on the main parts of the armour. I feel this goal has been well achieved. I chose blue for the fleshy icky parts that cover the obliterator to be consistent with the unnatural blue plagueswords that my plaguebearers carry in to battle.

The bases are resin back2basix bases and were painted separately to the main obliterators. The metal miniatures were then pinned on one foot to the base with some greenstuff to help camouflage the join around the pin. I feel the rugged terrain on the bases helps give valuable dynamism to these otherwise slow and purposeful models.


Anton said...

The blue really looks good against the rusty look very nice! since getting my oblit's done they are my must take unit, so versatile and not that expensive!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Anton -- I'm fond of the blue as a neat accent colour. And they could certainly be used in non-Nurgle forces with ease. Cheers!

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