Thursday, September 1, 2016

Planetary Empires Campaign - Round 3 Update

Following on from the last round (what seems a long time ago due to the Summer Holidays), the campaign map now looks like this.

I think the map says it all really! The Eldar player is undefeated in the entire campaign so far, with the rest of us having won at least one game each. 

As for my Alpha Legion forces, we're now split between tiles on diametrically opposite sides of the planet. The Space Wolves are similarly divided. The Chaos Space marines meanwhile at least have a pair of contiguous tiles, including one (tougher to conquer) mountain tile left. 

Since I lost (against the Eldar) last round, I get to challenge first in the next round. I think I might try to take on the Chaos Space Marines. I at least have one extra manufactorum (meaning extra points in the coming battle) compared to him, and might have a slight advantage. I'm not sure what (collectively) we can do about the expansionist Eldar though. Its simply a very tough codex to beat down for all of us it seems!


Zzzzzz said...

Your Hobby Goals post struck a chord. My small people are now 5 and 8. My hobby time is basically stuffed in to the 'being and adult' but of life which exists after they go to bed and before I expire for the night.

It's tight, and mostly revolves around reading other people's blogs, but as long as progress is being made, no matter how slow or incremental it seems, I feel like there are achievements being made.

Hummm. Could be worth a post.

But I like what do; please keep on doin' it.

obtw, I think the Eldar might win....

jabberjabber said...

Yep, your tale having having young children resonate very well with me!

And yeah: the Eldar has a clear advantage … but there's still two rounds left to play for and its not over till the Apocalype :)

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