Thursday, September 29, 2016

Genestealer Patriarch

Following on from yesterday's Primus, today I wanted to show my fully assembled Genestealer Patriarch. Again, this model is from the Deathwatch board game. 

Unlike the Primus, this one was a bit more complex to glue together, but not amazingly so. In line with the Primus, there is no option for poses or anything like that. The pose is fixed. The left leg comes cast directly on the the pipe that the patriarch is standing on, whilst the right leg is glued in to position directly at both the hips and the top of the pipe. Again the computer generation of this is incredible. One can hardly see the join between the right leg and the pipe (in my opinion). The other arms are then all glued in to place on to the main body -- the joins being rectangular nubs that go in to the appropriate holes. 

I like both the pose (hand on brain and pointed claw finger) plus the near-kneeling on top of the pipework. The vibe of the patriarch is a good one overall and I'm certainly looking forward to painting this monster up in the coming weeks!

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