Saturday, September 17, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Tylos Rubio

Rubio was the first to be recruited to the Knights-Errant by Garro in his quest to assemble his team of misfit, yet unquestionably loyalist cousins from across all of the legions.

It was during the Betrayal at Calth that he finally agreed to join up, having been forced to use his psychic powers to save his brother Ultramarines against the edict of Nikaea. Ironically enough, Guilliman had just concluded that breaking the edict was necessary to fight the warp space aliens at the same time. But too late for Rubio. He was shunned. And left with little option but to join Garro.

I really like Rubio in the sense that he is a psyker that can be teleported with perfect precision on to the battlefield to cause all sorts of chaos where he is needed thanks to the falsehood.  But to be fair, I like this about all the Knights-Errant to be honest!

He's a level 2 psyker, so he is not exactly earth-shattering like we would expect of (say) Ahriman of the Thousand Sons (let alone Magnus the Red or Lorgar Transfigured). But he does get a very attractive re-roll of failed psychic tests for the divination discipline. Hence even though he has access to telekinesis, he will most likely be generating all his powers from divination.

Using his force sword, he can boost his strength from left over warp charges which is also very nice. His equipment is otherwise standard fare for the Knights-Errant.

Overall, he is nothing too special to be honest. Despite this, he has a good role to play in either being a strong distraction when he teleports in to play deep in the enemy deployment zone, or by supporting other units on the field through his divination discipline focus.

A solid choice if you want an extra psyker in your army and you don't care too much about the Edict for some reason (remember he's loyalist and so must your army be!). What does mark him out is how relatively cheap he is in comparison to other psykers and librarians. As such, he is a bit of a bargain in literal points cost terms for a level 2 psyker, but that's about it.

I would be looking at most Oaths of the Moment except for King Slayer … and I'd be tempted to look twice at Headsman unless he is absolutely going to get in to base to base contact and use that force sword with lots of spare warp charges to power up. 

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