Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Red Rain

Kharn the Betrayer has been getting a bit of lime light of late thanks to the imminent release of his new rules and the formations from Traitor's Hate. I can't wait!

But today, I wanted to make a quick note of one of my favourite aspects of the new rules that have been making the rounds on the internet: namely the Red Rain that the Maelstrom of Gore formation is able to invoke once per game.

The Red Rain can truly be a game changer in my opinion, and it takes Khorne Berzerkers from being a bit "okay" to being potentially amazing. Potentially.

Take transports with all of the Berzerker units (with Kharn being inside one of these said units) and get them in to position. Unload (preferably from a land raider assault ramp) and get stuck in. The next turn, activate the Red Rain to gain an additional round of combat in the movement phase where the enemy cannot strike back and take advantage of it!

I would probably want land raiders all around. And arguably the best way of doing this would be to utilise another of the formations in the Traitor's Hate book -- Fist of the Gods!

As for the other formations, I really like the look of the core Chaos Warband. Sure, it doesn't give a lot, but its very thematic and would fit right in with my lust for 30k right at the moment. The helforged war pack is also very nice. I could well imagine having half a dozen dreadnoughts (ahem: helbrutes) in there just to test out an enemy.

I also really like the cult of destruction. Getting twice the number of shots from obliterators could just about break the game in some respects. This is amazing and not to be under-rated. I would willingly take a warp smith per obliterator unit to make this happen.

Overall, I'm excited about Traitor's Hate! Its the first time in a while I've felt positive about chaos space marine developments (ignoring the Khorne Daemonkin which was just too mono-god for my tastes).

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