Monday, September 12, 2016

Of Landing Pads and Crashed Ships

I'm sure someone must have already thought of this one. But I was wondering if combining this new Realm of Battle Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad from Forge World:

with the Realm of Battle Crashed Thunder Hawk tile:

is something that other people are possibly considering? I haven't seen it suggested yet, but I think it has mileage in terms of a scenic setting that looks like either (a) pilot error; or more plausibly (b) a craft that was shot down just before landing (perhaps with a Primus Redoubt being the cause?). I think this has a lot of narrative possibilities myself! I'm just a bit put off by the sheer cost of this idea at the moment, that's all!

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Emmet Fay said...

The FW realm of battle stuff enables some truly awesome looking battlefields but the cost is pretty extreme for all but the most committed gamer. To get value for money you would really want to be playing on very, very regularly.

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