Sunday, September 11, 2016

Drop Pod - No Man's Sky

I have been playing a lot of "No Man's Sky" lately on my rig. Its a new game released only last month to a barrage of criticism and acclaim. In very broad terms, it is a survival and exploration game similar in some respects to Elite / Elite: Dangerous, but with not only space trading and combat, but also plentiful land exploration. Indeed, there are over 18 quintillion planets in the game -- all procedurally generated. Most of the criticism of the game originates in what was suggested might happen by the developers (Hello Games) versus what was released. Indeed, there are features missing when one makes that comparison, but given its a small indie team who were almost wiped out by a flood in their office, I'm amazed it went ahead at all. For me personally, I'm loving the game! Can't wait to see what the devs might release for it next to be honest.

Anyhow. I was happily wandering along on my own merry way and found this.

Does this remind my readers of anything in particular?

Heck, even within the game its called a drop pod. To me it looked very much like a Dreadnought Drop Pod from 40k/30k! Inside it was an upgrade for my exosuit, which was nice to have (it gave me a bonus slot for carrying more stuff -- which was incredibly useful!). I will be looking out for more of these in the game!

And if you see any planets discovered by "jabberjabber", then gimme a shout -- you know who to blame!

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