Monday, September 5, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: The Nemean Reaver

In the Pale Star, the Nemean Reaver was supposed to have an association with the Dark Angels legion before turning in to a Blackshields Outlander. Personally, I think he is a remnant of Legio XI (see here for evidence for this pet theory!). He later became an agent of Malcador and fought on Terra. He is presently a Blackshield marine, but can be selected to be an agent of Malcador for extra points.

I want to highlight here the Reaver's armour. It is alleged that it pre-dates the Imperium in the background. With a 2+ save, the most notable facet of the armour is that it possesses Eternal Warrior. This is incredible in the 30k arena to be honest.

With T=5, and a bunch of special rules (fearless, enemies get -1 WS in challenges thanks to his Calibanite Flammbard sword), he really is a high ranking figure that can do okay toe-to-toe with a primarch. He'll lose, but he'll at least survive long enough to give them a little tar pit moment. With fear himself, he might even rout normal space marines off the field away from him too. And that's even before we mention a good invulnerable save as well.

More than this, he functions as a mild force multiplier thanks to his warlord trait giving his Blackshield brothers a bonus to determining the outcome to an assault in a small 12 inch bubble. This is again, a really big deal and can turn the tide of a battle.

His Agent of Malcador stat line sees him replace his Blackshield rules and warlord trait with a bunch of other rules including preferred enemy (traitors) as he takes up the mantle of a Knight-Errant. This upgrade is again very strong and enhances his close combat ability very nicely.

He needs to play to his strengths (front line leading, and close combat) to be maximised. But he is survivable if mistakes are made. I'd personally use him as part of a bigger blob of blackshields and embed him in there.

Well worth the points in my opinion. Surrounded by a strong contingent of loyalist outlanders, he's going to do very well. As a Knight Errant, he's also very worth while considering and a viable option. I've nothing too bad to say about him: he is what he is and he does it rather well!

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