Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Genestealer Primus

I caved in and bought a few Genestealer models from Deathwatch. One of the first that I got hold of was the Genestealer Primus. As might be expected from the game and previous GW games, the miniature is a "front and back" style miniature. i.e. There is a distinct front bit and back bit to glue together rather than what might otherwise be expected from larger boxed sets (i.e. distinct legs, torsos and arms that all need to be put together). 

I actually like the front-and-back style of moulding as it means less messing around in some regards. Equally, it also means an order of magnitude less pose-ability. And this is a bit of an issue for anyone who likes to tweak or try to instigate unique poses like I do. 

However, I am very pleased with this particular miniature. The new line of GW models that they've come out with recently is really top notch. Its very easy to tell that this miniature was computer designed compared to the older series of plastics and metals that GW put out many years ago. The sculpt itself is still nice and crisp -- hence no signs of ageing. 

In all, the model was very simple to put together and I'm very pleased with it! I have a patriarch from the same game to assemble yet, and then I'm thinking of getting the codex and seeing if I want to purchase anything further to be honest. I'm really liking what I'm seeing with the gene stealer codex though and I certainly will think about adding a small genestealer army to my collection. 

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