Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hobby Goals

I am notoriously bad about setting myself hobby related goals. This is largely due to real life pressures of my job combined with my (young) family. There's only so much painting one can get done before a nappy needs changed, and so on…

But I thought it would be worth jotting down a few thoughts about the general directions that I'm going with my hobbies and what might be appearing here in the next few months.

I: Alpha Legion.

I've clearly made huge progress in my Alpha Legion army this year, going from something that was slowly chugging along with a background plan, to something that has become very active, mostly all painted and have won (and lost) games with the local group. My broad aims are to expand the Alpha Legion force that I have with more marines and a couple of extra items. But most importantly, get around to actually painting my contemptors as I feel they're going to be of a huge utility in the next campaign that we play locally.

II: Mechanicum.
My most obvious development in the mechanicum is my titan that is approaching completion. Well, it would probably be complete if I could just get around to the final painting. But I'm waiting for some cooler weather and the children to get to sleep for a decent amount of hours to do this one. In addition, I bought the Imperial Knights boxed game, so I have two Knights to build and paint. One of them is advanced, the other is not even started. And I have a very small unit of mechanicum infantry that I want to get assembled and painting. All in good time though. I'm enjoying the journey with them, rather than wanting to rush along. 

I'm still publishing a number of articles on role playing games, as well as releasing our own material through my hobby company, Sequestered Industries. This will no doubt continue in to the future. I have a bunch of articles on Dark Sun (ADnD) that I'd like to get done at some point to round off my much earlier series, but that can take a back seat to:

IV: Horus Heresy Reviews.
By far the largest number of hits to this blog in recent years has been due to the Horus Heresy Reviews series that I've run. This will continue with Retribution that I'm making good progress with, and with the new book that I'm anticipating the release of later this year. I really enjoy making these articles, and its clear from the messages / emails / comments I get that many of you do as well! Thanks again for the encouragement!

V: Keeping half an eye on 40k developments.
I'm very interested to see where GW takes the timeline. The new chaos supplement, Traitor's Hate, looks particularly interesting. 

VI: Terrain. 
I still have an active interest in terrain and will be building a few more choice items in the months to come -- starting with the contents of the Imperial Knight Renegade boxed set that I want to try to have as a triple layer building if possible. 

And that's about it for now. No promises. No timelines (since: young children). But hopefully lots more hobby goodness yet to come!

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