Saturday, August 13, 2016

Alpha Legion Hobby Update: Tactical and Veteran Marines

Some basic Alpha Legion troopers here today -- or possibly veteran marines, depending on which variety of army list I am playing.

They are at a reasonable level of painting, but a lot remains to be done. Some highlighting is yet to be undertaken, and the attention to the fine detail has not started on many of them yet. In particular, the Oaths of the Moment need starting yet!

On the battlefield, I've had mixed success with them. I like using them as veterans and as such, they perform as well as can be expected. I usually select Fearless as their veteran rule and team them up with someone like Skorr to give them a good punching power in close combat. This usually works out well, so long as I don't get them inside a tarpit of Eldar (as memory serves!).

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