Monday, August 1, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Endryd Haar

A true survivor in many ways. Elevated prior to even the War Hounds having a name, Haar has seen it all. Initiated within the first intake for Legio XII, Haar was part of the War Hounds and then part of the World Eaters, and then betrayed whilst the bulk of his legion was elsewhere (i.e. Isstvan). He is the literal remains of a lost age along with about 3 of his other brothers. And he is a true loyalist.

His warlord trait (Fangs of the Emperor) can provide scouts to up to three units and prevent them being pinned at the expense of never going to ground. As such, he can have a loyalist army built around him. When coupled with fast moving components (bikes, etc.), such an army could be truly devastating through alpha striking.

He has a variant of the World Eaters special rules which helps in challenges potentially, and subsides the blood lust special rule.

On top of this, he's a master of the legion and can be combined with other loyalist elements (and blackshields) readily without conflict of their special rules.

He has a very nice set up that is flexible for a number of builds. That said, he can't be upgraded and tailored like a generic praetor can be.  This merits the same thoughts as using any other named character.

A very likeable and generic World Eater / War Hound / Blackshield that can be run in a good number of ways and armies (loyalists; blackshields). Probably just about worth his points cost as well.

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