Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alpha Legion Hobby Update: Tartaros Terminators

A number of people have been asking me how my Alpha Legion army is going, how it is playing, and how my hobby (and the mojo thereof) is doing. Hence I thought I would post a brief series of posts about each of the completed units I've done for my 30k force. First up, my Tartaros Terminators.

Their current status is largely finished. There are a few painting jobs yet to take care of yet -- mostly fine details. I need to complete the battle damage and scratches, as well as look more closely at their equipment pouches, the plasma detail, and the detail on the weapons. Otherwise, they're already doing very well. The pictures are a front view and a side on view that gives a good idea of where they're at and their decals (etc.). 

On the battlefield, they're performing as well as I was hoping. I field them either with infiltrate (mutable tactics), or inside a land raider or storm eagle. They're armed with a thunder hammer on the squad sergeant and a plasma blaster on one of the brothers. Hence they're always getting the charge in, and frequently doing very well. Although in one game they did double up as objective sitters. I'm very pleased overall with this squad and will be finishing the fine detail as time permits.

A pair of single miniature shots to round off the post. I hope you like how these marines have turned out (and are turning out!) -- I am certainly fond of them!

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