Sunday, August 7, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Cassian Dracos Reborn

Left for dead on the plains of Isstvan by the traitors, Cassian Dracos did not succumb to his fate, but lived on in spite of everything going on around him!

He took some damage in the process, but came out of the ordeal with something extra.

I will refer the reader to my previous article on Dracos for more information on the baseline dreadnought. His wrought by Vulkan rule is still very strong!

Compared to his previous incarnation, Cassian Dracos can now use the Mechanicum's "magical" powers (i.e. cybertheurgy). Additionallly, he has the Rite of Rededication that means he can potentially take control of an enemy robot and make an immediate shooting attack with it. This could be amazing in the right situation!

Given that he took an orbital lance strike, his side and rear armour have dropped by one pip each. This means that his rear facing is especially vulnerable compared to what it was and this merits attention.

His warlord trait becomes fixed, and in addition he can be warlord if no other valid HQ's are there apart from Narik Dreygur or Xiaphas Jurr.

This is a nice update to Dracos that is befitting for the shattered legions and their forces. A fluffy choice, and one that will still pack a punch and gives tactical play to try to avoid getting the rear armour shot at. His points value is still very high (more than a land raider) and I would personally prefer his previous incarnation. So, play fluffily and enjoy.

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