Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Alpha Legion Hobby Update: Prototype Despoiler

This miniature is probably going to be the last of my Hobby Update on the Alpha Legion. It is a prototype for a despoiler squad. For those not up to date with the lingo, a despoiler squad is a tactical squad who have given up their bolt guns for a close combat weapon. Explicitly, these guys have only a bolt pistol and a close combat weapon.

Many would question why one would want to do this. But remember: with a high capacity transport (plus assault ramp), there is a heap of attacks coming from such a squad. Even if they're not power weapons. On top of this, despoiler squads do not lose Fury of the Legion -- this can still be performed with bolt pistols. There's little not to like in my opinion when they have an appropriate transport.

This miniature is a conversion using pieces from PuppetsWar. The circular saw represents the close combat weapon. The intent here is that the Alpha Legion have invented (or stolen?) a new piece of technology that they are field-testing in some volunteer's armour. Since I've only got this one assembled thus far, he is being used as a counts-as squad sergeant with a power fist for the moment, until the rest of his squad is done and dusted.  

I'm very pleased with the painting so far. I've been working hard on the head region in the final detailing recently, but more attention is needed there, and on the bare metal scratches showing through the gleaming blue-green armour. 

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