Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Xiaphas Jurr

Tribute from the tribes of Proximal, Jurr was taken in by the Salamanders and trained as a Chaplain on Nocturne.

He was never at Isstvan, but instead was tasked by Rhy'tan to determine what had happened in that system -- a job at which he revelled in and was able to draw in many Salamanders around him by his own zeal.

His Burning Halo is a strong addition for a Chaplain model -- it effectively burns all around him if he makes a save against a high strength incoming him. On top of that, it proves a 4+ invulnerable save that is very valuable (and becomes a 3+ save with the dragon scale storm shield -- just like the Salamanders legion was intended to play!).

He comes with all the usual stuff that a Chaplain comes with, but has a bonus pip in Ld.

More than this though. He is a minor psyker (level 1). He therefore is not only a Chaplain, but gives the army some much needed action in the psychic phase of the game.

Beware using psychic powers here though. If he suffers a perils of the warp, he uses a Ld = 7 value and he could be in real trouble.

His in-built warlord trait is sound (re-rolling the first failed pinning or morale check every game turn), but some may prefer to roll on the charts instead. Only useful if he's not in reserve though, and still on the board. If Cassian Dracos is around, then this makes no difference ultimately.

I think Jurr is an excellent character that is well worth his points value. He could be a real threat in a low points value game and I could certainly see him leading a large tactical squad on board a Storm Eagle or land raider in to battle.


TheGraveMind said...

It always bothers me having him and the night lords character on adjacent pages. NL's get a praetor that losses his artificer armor, while the salamanders get a 2+/3++ psychic chaplain.

Jurr is a great value and almost always worth it.

jabberjabber said...

Completely agreed with your points.
That said, I hope that FW continue to put out characterful HQ selections like these rather than codex creep everything up a notch with every release:)

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