Thursday, July 16, 2015

What happened to Slaanesh?

In some of the leaked background material for the Age of Sigmar, we are discovering that the chaos god Slaanesh is no more. His throne is empty. Why is this? 

Well, its looking like he was captured after becoming bloated with a feast of souls at the end of the world that was.

Here are some alternative memes as to what happened to Slaanesh that I've heard people utter when they knew his throne was empty, but wasn't sure he had been captured.  I'll keep it clean.

* He went to his bedroom.
* He was just in the toilet.
* He possessed Fulgrim, just for laughs.
* He was trying to get Isha back off Nurgle.
* He was just having a laugh and seeing how everyone would react to his empty throne.
* Its a trap. His empty throne is just a way to hurt someone. Like Tzeentch. Or the Masque.
* He's bored and has left the building.
* He is on a quest of some kind (cross-ref: Isha, above).
* He decided the ultimate experience could not be had by sitting on his throne.
* He is just joking around and playing mind games with people. Like Tzeentch.
* He's gone to Commorragh to sort out those Dark Eldar.
* He really is dead. Ynnead caused it. (Well done Eldar: your plan worked!).
* He was tricked in to leaving it by Cegorach.
* Khaine killed him. Secretly. With the help of Cegorach. Or the C'tan. Or Tzeentch (delete as appropriate).

Any others?, please leave a comment!


Rufus said...

He is currently in New York, NY. "I thought Gozar was a man?"; "He's whatever its wants to be..." -Ray Stanz and Egon Spangler

jabberjabber said...

heheh :-)

Zzzzzz said...

Perhaps the team behind AOS had been directed to leave Slannesh out of it by a director who listens more to his lawyers and investors than he does to anyone pointing out the balance been the four flavours of kaos in GW's IP ?

Perhaps they were hoping to aim AOS at their introductory level (although looking at the price, they obviously have not) and have gone all PC on us, because the US public can deal with chainsaw massacres but not nipples ?

jabberjabber said...

that wouldn't surprise me, sadly.

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