Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Adsecularis Covenant

The Adsecularis are tech-thralls created by the Mechanicum. Cyborgs moreso than servitors, these beings are in essence just slave labour. For the Mechanicum in the time of war, they are meat shields - both expendable and armed. Albeit, they're not human much any longer.

They're cheap. As in dirt cheap, like chaos cultists or something like that. They also have S=4, matching space marines due to all their augmentation presumably. They do get a 6+ feel no pain roll in addition to this though. This can clearly be synergized with units like Lacyraematra tech-priest Auxillia.

They're cheap for a reason. Low Ld, coupled with most other statistics being around the 2 mark (apart from T=3). And a bit of a poor saving throw. Their threat range is not too big either - the las locks at best have a range of 18 inches.

Its probably best to go large here. But an basic squad is also viable as a meat shield for the points!

10 Tech-Thralls (35 points)
The basic unit to be used as a meat shield.

20 Tech-Thralls, frag grenades, heavy chain blades, Rite of Pure Thought,  Revenant Alchemistry (130 points)
No longer dirt cheap, but they are fearless, have a better feel no pain roll and are built for close combat. The only issue is getting them there now. Take carapace armour if you think it'll make much difference for them.

20 Tech-Thralls, Induction Chargers (80 points)
Assault 2 weapons with lots of bodies on the ground. Not too bad.

20 Tech Thralls, Mitralocks, Rite of Pure Thought, Revenant Alchemistry (105 points)
For shredding!

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