Monday, July 13, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Krios Battle Tank Squadron

These battle tanks are well outside of regular STC constructions. If there is an analogue to the space marine legions, then the Krios might compare favourably to the predator tanks. That said, their turrets are simply not turrets, and they can move much better than predators.

If we start thinking that these tanks are analogues to predators, we can immediately start to see their use. They come in two main varieties: the regular Krios that is armed with a lightning cannon, and the Krios Venator that is armed with the Pulsar-Fusil.

The lightning cannon has a long range, and a 5 inch pie plate with both rending and shredding. Although the strength is "only" 7, this is more than sufficient to cause serious headaches to many enemy units. Clearly though, I think it is going to be a troop killer.

The Pulsar-Fusil variant is interesting in that it is an Ordnance 4 weapon that comes in at S9 and AP2. This is a real tank killer and arguably slightly better than a lascannon equipped predator due to more shots going off. But its range is less, at 36 inches.

Combined with a flare shield and the Blessed Autosimulacra rule, the Krios is arguably slightly better than a space marine legion predator (in my opinion).

There's not too many weaknesses here. It just depends on what set up you want for your tanks and how many in a squadron.

3 Krios Venator tanks (450 points)
A potent tank killing squadron. If you run out of tank targets, take on monstrous creatures or terminators (etc.). There's little not to like here other than the price tag if you're playing a 1500 points limit.

2 Krios tanks, anabaric claws, 2 volkite sentinels each (370 points)
A mixed purpose squadron. Roll up, using the lightning cannon, and pick off extra targets with the volkite sentinels. If enemy melta squads get too close, use the Anabaric claws. 

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