Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Relics of the Dark Age of Technology (2)

Continuing our examination of the relics of the Dark Age of Technology (Part 1 is here), we now turn to those artefacts that can be wielded by the Mechanicum and the Solar Auxilia.

Contagium Mechanica (Mechanicum Only)
One part heretical work, and one part wonder, depending which mechanicum sect you speak to. This is an anti-tank virus in much the same way as the Nanyte Blaster functions. Instead of having a typical weapon profile, it is simply a haywire profile with a short range. Cause a hull point of damage and not destroy a vehicle and it can jump to another vehicle within 12" of the original.

This makes it perfect for taking out large concentrations of enemy tanks fielded by (e.g.) enemy Mechanicum sects, or even the Iron Hands legion.

In terms of who to give it to, I suspect some kind of close combat Magos would be perfect, e.g. a Magos Reductor.

Cortica Primus (Mechanicum Only)
In essence, this device allows the user to cast their cybertheurgy powers on more than one model in a friendly unit, as well as acting as a cortex controller. This is great, but the draw back is significant: a misfire gets bonuses proportional to the number of extra models in the unit that was being targeted. Hence some caution needs to be employed in using this.

I'm a bit on the fence as to whether this one is worth it or not. Arguably the risk is rather high and a simple cortex controller may be better. But I can't quite resist the ability to boost an entire unit!

Metaphasic Reader (Solar Auxilia Only)
Although pricey, this relic grants interceptor to the unit that has it, PLUS any other unit within 12 inches of the first. Simply put, this is amazing. But it is also highly contextual. Against legions that are going to be coming in via drop pods (etc.), this can be absolutely devastating. It can therefore be the heart of a tactic by a Solar Auxilia player to ensure that their army is proof against such tactics, at the risk of being redundant against other types of armies. Might as well take this one really!

Apex Digital Weapon (Solar Auxilia Only)
This is one to avoid, in my opinion. The apex digital weapon is like other digital weapons but once per game can be fired as a heavy weapon like a lascannon. Considering the points that you invest for this once per game ability to fire a moderate BS heavy weapon shot at something, it just doesn't seem worth the points. Don't bother: take the Metaphasic Reader (above) or a Nanyte Blaster (or similar) instead.

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