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Horus Heresy Review: Relics of the Dark Age of Technology (3)

Continuing our examination and general tour of the relics of the Dark Age of Technology (Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here), we now turn to the Legions themselves.

Pyrix Extasis (Dark Angels)
This is a psycho-distruptor that generates fear! Its a once per game effect to force a fear check for every unit engaged in a close combat (which may or may not be the entire enemy force depending on how you argue about the wording). I don't think its worth the points to be honest, unless you're somehow imposing a negative modifier to Ld. This is an artefact that would be much better suited to the Night Lords in my opinion.

Lucid Blade (Emperor's Children)
An S+1 power sword that has the special ability to parry - which is a mechanic to use some (unused) attacks to buff the wielder's invulnerable save. Its potentially good on a character you want to act as a tarpit. But that's not what the Emperor's Children should be aiming to do, I think.

The Blind Helm of the Black Judges (Iron Warriors)
Want 2d6 S=5 AP3 shots at full BS in overwatch? Then this is the relic for you! Best played defensively and probably inside a fortification -- this is one that could be useful (unlike the above two).

The Parthinian Serpent (White Scars)
This is actually a really good weapon, despite its description being like the bow from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon of yesterdecade. With sky fire, interceptor, precision shots and always used at full BS, its basically a hugely versatile heavy weapon. Expensive, but probably just about worth it for the right character.

Burning Claws (Space Wolves)
Look, its a Wolf Claw that has armour bane. I want to like it, but it is AP3 rather than AP2. Its okay for the points, but not amazing.

Indomitan Mantle (Imperial Fists)
Eternals warrior and a 3++ save against melta style weapons is nothing to sneeze at. Even if it is a cloak of chain mail from ancient Inwit times that makes a loyalist Imperial Fist look a bit more chaos-like.

Nostraman Mancatcher (Night Lords)
In effect this is a S+1 power weapon. It forces an opponent to lose attacks if a S test is failed. Its kind of cute, and fluffy for the Night Lords. But I'd still want an AP2 weapon to be honest. Equally, the ability to tarpit an enemy (a low S enemy) could be vital at the right turn of the game. Useful, if not outstanding.

Photonic Blade (Blood Angels)
This is a weapon that I would actually want to take with celerity. Not only does it have the vital AP2, but its assortment of secondary effects make it worth the points. Take it. With a jump pack!

Grav Gauntlet (Iron Hands)
A wrist-mounted template graviton gun. Love it!

The Earth Breaker Trident (World Eaters)
To be honest, a power fist is superior in close combat. But that's not the reason to judge it. It makes up for this by being able to be thrown by the wielder. The thrown is deadly: S10, instant death and AP1. Blimey! Better still, if it does kill, then a radius around it is treated as dangerous terrain for the remainder of the game! Double blimey! Take it, throw it, and see what happens. Because why not? Okay, the way not bit is the points cost. And that's something to weigh up here.

Gladius Invictus (Ultramarines)
A power sword that rends, gives an I bonus, and ignores shields sounds better than it is. This is simply because it will struggle against other characters and their 2+ armour save and good invulnerable save that may or may not come from a shield. I'm unconvinced about this relic to be honest.

The Barbaran Thurible (Death Guard)
This is a somewhat amazing and very powerful censor. It reduces the toughness of any none-Death Guard units within a close radius. Additionally, morale tests have to be taken when anyone dies - not just beyond 25%. Watch your enemies cry. Unless you're playing the Isstvan III campaign and/or facing a mirror match.

Luminiferous Resonator (Thousand Sons)
A ranged weapon that oddly compares Ld values rather than S to T values. I think this one is very situational and depends on the enemy faced. Cheap enough though.

The Cataphractii Primus (Sons of Horus)
Gaining eternal warrior is very nice. Having a bonus T against shooting is even nicer. The price is about right as well.

Conversion Dissonator (Word Bearers)
This one affects all invulnerable saves within 12" by imposing a -2 penalty, once per game. Give it to a Praetor who is kitted out for close combat duties and can readily take out 2+ armour and you're good to go. The only issue is that it affects everyone. Friend, Fiend and Foe! Beware.

Zeroth Conductor Shield (Salamanders)
Although it is not a storm shield, it does provide a huge deterrent to charging foes - d6 S8 AP2 hits is an immense amount of fire power to take at I=10. Well worth it for objective camping and any unit fearing being charged.

Fractal Harrow-Blade (Raven Guard)
Take alongside an AP2 weapon and you can then impose a slew of extra wounds when it comes to combat victories. Neat, and at a modest price. Equally, I'm not sure I'd bother unless you're not sure victory will be easy (you're playing Raven Guard and you want to do alpha-strikes - you should already have the equipment to do this arguably).

The Drakaina (Alpha Legion)
Where did they get this xenos technology from? Who knows? The reason to take this weapon is the flesh-phage rule that generates d6 T tests on any unit that suffered wounds from it in the previous turn. Give to a Moritat and get in the required range for the bad stuff to start happening. You have to weigh this up against a Nanyte Blaster though.


Gothmog said...

Good rundown

TheGraveMind said...

The blood angel light Saber wins hands down. Others like the night lords and dark angel ones are dissapointing for their points.

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Guys!
Yeah - that light sabre is just all sorts of awesome!

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