Monday, July 6, 2015

Recent Forge World Releases - Thoughts

Today, an assorted collection of thoughts on the recent (and forthcoming) Forge World releases.

(1) Perturabo. 
Not actually for sale yet. But Wow. How crazily big, bulky and tall is Perturabo? He's a monster of proportions! And the sheer level of detail is matched by the previous releases of the likes of Ferrus Manus and the like. I'm very impresses, even if I'm not an Iron Warriors player. Iron without! Iron within!

(2) Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne.
A smashingly good idea to provide a pair of legs here to the torso and head/arms of the Lord of Skulls. And it actually really works for me both from an aesthetic point of view, and an in-game the-Dark-Mechanicum-made-this point of view. Very impressive.  I wonder if a pair of legs will ever be released for the Plague Hulk upper portion? Just a random thought.

(3) Mars Pattern Warlord Titan.
Awesome, if you have GBP1240 lying around just going to waste and nothing better to spend cash on. I wonder how many of these beasts Forge World has managed to sell? I'm seriously impressed, but also very curious about their sales. It must be worth it to make the moulds (i.e. there must be the demand out there!). Lots of people earning serious cash in London I suspect.

(4) Alpha Legion Torsos and Heads.
As an Alpha Legion player, these are a bit of a binary hit-and-miss affair for me. I don't like the "alpha" helmet that looks like the marine has an over-sized maw. The corvus-like helmets are grand. The others are in the range of okay to good for me. The torsos are similar. I like the "delta" and "omega" ones. The triple omega one is kind of odd looking to me, as is the double "x" one.


Siph_Horridus said...

I'll be getting a Warlord, been saving for it and have the funds squirreled away since Will Hayes said one was coming at the last GD I attended several years ago. Little here, little there - been sitting in the bank waiting, not just for city slickers, but for the sensible savers too ;)

Okay, what's sensible about a grand worth of resin??!! But hey, it'll sit nicely next to the Reaver and two Warhounds... man's got to have his vices and better than peeing it up the wall after the pub I reckon!

jabberjabber said...

I agree mate - spending money in this way is much less harmful than what it could do to a liver :)

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