Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Mechanicum Questoris Knights

The mechanicum is closely associated with many Knight worlds and familia. Therefore it is little surprise that they have access to Knights of their own to use on the battlefield.

Rather than present the relative strengths and weaknesses followed by builds (since there are none), I thought it would be better to point out their main features and an overview of their battle field role.

The first thing to note is that these machines are Lords of War. They're not going to be used in low points value battles. More significantly, the points cost is not exactly sky high like other Lords of War -- they come in at around primarch price levels.

The Questoris Knights have some nice Knightly equipment such as an ion shield and the (destructor-strength) reaper chainsword. But on top of this, the have an over-abundance of weapons. The battle cannon is well able to take out blobs of space marines with AP3 and large pie plates; the thermal cannon is excellent at just about anything; and the heavy stubber … is just a heavy stubber.

I consider the Questoris worth taking, particularly since a pure mechanicum army would not have a primarch. That said, I do wonder if a different superheavy might be a better option (better AV, more HP, sometimes more dakka).

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