Saturday, July 4, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Triaros Armoured Conveyor

This is the dedicated transport for the Taghmata Omnissiah Mechanicum. As might be expected for a Mechanicum transport, it is not a simple thing. Based on ancient technologies never shared with the other half of the Imperium, this transport has a killer front end that is literally capable of smashing things to oblivion, as well as having a large capacity.

The carrying capacity of this one is high, at 20 models. Coupled with a AV=14 on the front means that your models are very likely to get to where you want them to be. Unlike Rhinos! On top of this, the flare shield comes as standard to improve the transport's durability and frustrate high S incoming fire power.

The shock ram is an interesting addition. By raising the front armour to AV=15 for ramming, this transport can be used in a very aggressive manner by the controlling player. More than that though, the addition of a free haywire roll when ramming means that this tank creates a whole new play style for the mechanicum that is rarely seen elsewhere. Several of these transports criss-crossing the battle field at top speed will put a halt to other armies ground tanks by the middle turns of a game (with a bit of luck thrown in, of course). Even a regular tank shock against infantry can be deadly with d6 S6 hits happening.

More significantly, the shock ram that provides all these extra rules is not an actual weapon. It can therefore never be removed from the tank by incoming firepower.

Not too many weaknesses here really. Even the volkite weaponry is very reasonable, as is the mauler bolt cannon. Arguably even the price is not bad either! Equally, the Mechanicum player is not going to be using as many of these as a Space Marine player uses rhinos.

Triaros Armoured Transport, Blessed Autosimulacra (140 points)
I think this is the baseline unit. The blessed auto simulacra is there to give it a chance of getting back some of the (four!) hull points if it loses any, and its a cheap upgrade so should be taken. Any other upgrades are to taste really. Place Secutors or Destructors inside and go about your business!

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