Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Plastic Horus Heresy Marine Sprues

I freely admit to being an old-timer. I have Rogue Trader in my collection. I have very old RTB01 Space Marines in my collection. So when news (rumours!) of brand new plastic Horus Heresy marine sprues started to make itself heard, you can imagine my reaction.

To be perfectly honest, I've not been quite this excited about any given release in a long time! I will certainly be there demanding that they take my money to give my these plastic sprues for the Horus Heresy! (As usual, I won't link to these rumours, you are as capable as I am of using search engines to do that). I love what I'm seeing though. Mark IV armour with a wide range of accessories, and even the old missile launcher looking like its right out of the old RTB01 set. I'm amazed. And impressed. And want it to be launched now! (Well, maybe tomorrow will do). 

As for the other rumours. No more codexes in two years time? Probably plausible given what we're seeing in the Age of Sigmar. But for goodness sake, please let Forge World carry on with the Horus Heresy. They're doing a fabulous job at it. Split off 30k from 40k by all means, but give 30k directly to Forge World. Please! I regard it as the true spiritual successor to what 40k could be had the rules been written more betterer plus plus. As for 40k, the rules are becoming rather too complex and the expansions too many to cope with. Hence I do expect simplification and removal of a few things. Its part of the longer term cycle. Remember the overhead sheet that you used to use to determine where lascannon shots landed on vehicles? Yeah, thought you wouldn't. But that's kind of the level we're at at the moment - we need to get rid of a few things to make the game better so we don't mess up every turn because we can't quite remember some fiddly detail of a special rule and how it interacts (or not) with another special rule. 

Long live 30k! Long live 40k!


pegboard said...

Hullo.... I remember the vehicle targeter! And the Turn radius ratio calculator.

Oddly the vehicle rules have become simpler. That's the great bit, but yes, with the multiple layers of overlap and contrast it can get into a muddle.

Thank you for your blog - beautifully written, consistent and considered.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the comment and the compliment - much appreciated!
This post has inspired today's one: http://warpstoneflux.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/rules-of-yesteryear-vehicle-damage.html

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