Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Mechanicum Ceratus Knight-Lancer

As with the mechanicum Questoris Knight, we know that the mechanicum can be closely associated with many Knight worlds and familia. The Knight-Lancer is the second type of Knight that they are able to field.

Rather than present the relative strengths and weaknesses followed by builds (since there are none), I will again take the approach of detailing their main features and an overview of their battle field role.

The Knight-Lancer comes in at around the same points cost as a primarch. As such, one needs to evaluate whether these knights should be used in preference to something like a superheavy tank (especially in the case of playing a pure mechanicum force).

Visually, the Knight-Lancer is known for both its lance (of course!) as well as its shield. The latter - more accurately called the Ion Gauntlet Shield - gives a good invulnerable save in melee, as well as a general ion shield but cannot do anything for the rear of the model. Given the height of the model, this can be a drawback.

Unlike its knightly cousins, it lacks the firepower (with "only" 6 S7 AP2 shots), but makes up for it in being swift. Indeed, the goal of this knight should be to get stuck in to enemy monstrous creatures, or heavy targets (like terminators) and rip them apart with its D-strength lance (plus bonus initiative on the charge).

Overall, a bit more of a tactical knight than the others, and one that merits some thought as to its positioning in both set-up and during the game. 

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