Sunday, April 29, 2012

Planning a New Gaming Table

The starting point for a new gaming table is imaged below.  I have a number of basic ingredients that I intend to mix together to produce the final product:

(1) Two MDF boards that together measure 6'x4'.
(2) A slew of craters from Games Workshop.
(3) Some tyranid bits and pieces (notably the bits from the genestealers sprue).
(4) Assorted other bits, including dinosaur bones, plastic (styrene) sheets, and craft tiles.

The goal here is to create a Martian-like surface with some signs of activity a while ago.  Perhaps a planet that was sucked dry by the tyranids.  Perhaps a failed colonization.  Or simply an airless rock.  I intend to glue the craters and genestealer sprue bits to the surface, and then use polyfilla (or similar) to create a more sandy appearance.  For the dinosaur bones, I may not include them with the board, but instead create some scatter terrain from them.

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