Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Battle Report: Blood Ravens vs. Orks

The space marines of the Blood Ravens chapter arrived on Wasp-987c and immediately secured an ancient brass keep. Had it not been for their subsequent action against the orks, more questions would likely have been raised about their true purpose on the planet's surface...

Battle report from paladin84.

Blood Ravens vs. Orks
Mission: Seize ground, 5 objectives
Deployment: Dawn of war.

Blood Ravens (space marine) list 1000pt:
Librarian, plasma pistol, null zone, Avenger 115pt
Tactical squad (10 man), flamer, missile launcher 170pt
Rhino, H/K missile 45pt
Tactical squad (10 man), melta, multi-melta, combi-melta 185pt
Sternguard veterans (5 man), 5x combi-plasma, power fist 175pt
Dreadnought, Heavy flamer, Assault cannon 125pt
Drop pod, Deathwind missile launcher 55pt
Predator, autocannon, las cannon sponsons, H/K missile 130pt

Orks list 1050pt:
Warboss, power claw, eavy armor 90pt
Nobz mob (10 man), power claw, big choppa, WAAAAGH banner, kombi-skorcha, pain boy 280pt
Slugga boyz mob (20 man), Nob, Power claw, bosspole 160pt
Slugga boyz mob (20 man), Nob, Power claw, bosspole 160pt
Shoota boyz mob (20 man), 2x big shootas 130pt
Deffkopta, rockets 45pt
Deffkopta, rockets 45pt
Trukk 35pt
Killa kan, grotzooka 45pt
2x zzap guns 60pt

The green tide was all too close for comfort at the beginning of this fight. The orks winning initiative found 2 large mobs of them calling for blood at the Blood Ravens' doorstep. Two combat squads of tactical marines set up their heavy weapons in some cover and braced for the tide, knowing that their brothers were behind them. A veritable horde of over 70 greenskins, outnumbering the space marines almost 3 to 1 rushed forward in their first round hoping to launch a devastating waaaaagh!, in the second turn. The ork boyz squad advancing on the dug-in tactical squads was reduced from 20 to 5 in the volleys of holy bolter fire bestowed upon them. Brother Corvus (Dreadnought) arrived via drop pod and immediately set flame to the second squad of advancing ork boys slaying 6.

The second round saw a further bold advancement by the greenskins as the warboss and his biggest and da strongest nobz moved flat out in their truck right into the U'mie’s front lines. The ork boys inspired by the presence of their warboss brought the WAAAAAAGH! With the 5 man boys squad launching an assault on the missile launcher tactical squad and the other falling short on their assault on the U'mies with the melti guns running for the shiny bauble. The rest of the horde advanced.

With the greenskins over running their deployment zone the Blood ravens unleashed a tirade of fire, fury, las, plas, missile and holy bolt. When the dust settled, ancient Corvus had removed all trace of the shoota mob, the remnants of the boys mobs were going toe-to-toe with tactical marines and the war boss and his 5 remaining nobs along with their pain boy discovered what the u'mies were made from after ripping the sternguard veterans to pieces, followed by the valiant and unfortunate Librarian Zaphel.

Although the warboss was unstoppable in his close combat fury, his waaaaagh was annihilated, the remains of the ork horde were rubbed out and the warboss finally put to death. The Blood Ravens emerged victorious capturing the vital objectives for the emperor. The emperor protects!

Result: space marine massacre victory.

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