Monday, April 2, 2012

Blood Ravens army list for the Wasp Campaign

The sixth and final army list for the Wasp Campaign are from the Blood Ravens space marine chapter   (comments and criticism welcome!)

Presenting Paladin84's Blood Ravens Space Marines (1500 points):

Librarian; plasma pistol, (Avenger and Null Zone) (115 points)
Captain; artificer armour, relic blade, storm bolter (148 points)

5 assault terminators (200 points)
5 sternguard veterans; 5 combi-plasmas, 1 power fist (175 points)
Dreadnought; heavy flamer, power fist, assault cannon (125 points)

10 tactical marines; 1 multi-melta, 1 combi-melta, melta bombs (190 points)
10 tactical marines; 1 missile launcher, 1 flamer (170 points)
5 scouts; camo cloaks, 1 missile launcher (100 points)

Heavy Support:
Predator; autocannon, las cannon sponsons, hunter-killer missile (130 points)

Dedicated transports:
Drop pod; deathwind missile launcher (55 points)
Rhino; hunter-killer missile (45 points)
Razorback; dozer blade, twin-linked heavy bolters (45 points)

TOTAL = 1498 points

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