Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Dwarf Number 122

A bit of a blast from the past today.  I'd like to feature White Dwarf volume 122 (UK; February 1990). 

On the front cover is a Death Wing Dark Angels marine (the artwork is curiously "eagle wing" -- the name of the terminator)  -- helping to support the sale of Genestealer / Space Hulk.  Also of interest is the prices in the top left: UKP1.50; USD3.95; AUD6.50; W.Germany DM 7.80.  How the exchange rates have changed!

The content features the usual round up of GW and citadel news and features a visit by Brian May (of Queen fame) to the design studio as well as a selection of works by 'eavy metal.

Konrad -- a WFRP character and series of novels -- features backgrounds and statistics of a number of characters including Anvila - a female dwarf with a hate of gobbos.  Yes -- female players and player characters were apparently rare.  Following this, the volume gives details about The Emperor Luitpold - a luxury liner in the warhammer world. 

Following up on the space hulk theme, rules are presented for traitor terminators, including rules for autocannons, missile launchers and conversion beam projectors.  Several new missions are also presented which give the traitors something to fight for.

Some blood bowl magic items appear next, followed by a series of Ork banners.  The stormboyz Khorne banners in particular are noteworthy -- those stormboyz did like Khorne a lot!

Excerpts from Realms of Chaos: Lost and the Damned follow, focusing on Tzeentch and a short advanced heroquest adventure about the "priests of pleasure".  Not sure if it is any good as I never truly got in to advanced heroquest. 

And there's also a section on "battlelines" -- w40k tactics.  The features a good length article on the most overlooked weapon in the game: grenades.  One piece caught my eye: imagine being chased by a dreadnought, but the marines being chased lob several crack (note the spelling) grenades every turn as they flee, but the dreadnought can't respond in kind with its own grenades!  Nice.  The parting advice is to spend points on crack, fragmentation and blind grenades for all units.  Those heady days when such items were optional upgrades!

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Kenneth Morley said...

I think the first white dwarf I had was about this time. That's going back a while. Though most of my armies now don't have free grenades.
Templars - expensive extras
Tau - pointless baubles
Tyranids - grenades would be nice

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