Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wasp Campaign: Round 1 Results

In round 1, the following points were scored:

Black Templars 2 -- 8 Chaos
Blood Ravens 8 -- 3 Orks
Dark Eldar 7 -- 3 Crimson Fists

The Blood Ravens embarked on a rapid expansion phase, claiming many of the tiles around their starting position, and reinforcing their positions with manufactoria.

The forces of Chaos expanded on the Moon, capturing the Hive City called Shackleton's Landing (known to the locals as "The Shack"). The removed the Black Templars from one of their starting tiles and also reinforced with manufactoria.  The Hive City started toward its path of chaos worship...

The Dark Eldar expanded around their own tiles in the North of the main planet of Wasp and did some construction of their own, having defeated the Crimson Fists.

The Orks decided on a different approach.  Rather than capturing more tiles, they bought reinforcements for the next round -- perhaps one of the most canny moves in expending points?  Or just "da bigga mobz is best"?!

The Crimson Fists expanded a few tiles and did some reinforcements of their own around the Hive City of Cremisi, worried about the Green Tide.

Meanwhile, the Black Templars captured the spaceport on the orbiting Moon despite their loss: eager to investigate various goings-on down on the main planet of Wasp.

The image below shows the situation after the first round.

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