Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wasp Campaign: Round 2 Prologue

To determine opponents for the next round of the Wasp Campaign, the person with the lowest points from the previous round gets to pick orders first.  The narrative logic behind this is that the larger armies take longer to mobilize since they are more spread out.

So, for Round 2, the Black Templars get the first pick.  They have become suspicious of the Blood Ravens -- are they heretics as they suspect, or simply mis-understood marines?  Perhaps a sample of their gene-seed might confirm if they're descended from Magnus the Red?

The Crimson Fists, meanwhile, look to stem the rising Ork Waaaaggggh! in the West of the planet's surface (recalling the incident on Rynn's world).

That leaves the Dark Eldar and Chaos marines to fight it out.  They're probably trying to forge an unholy alliance (according to the Black Templars), but can't quite decide who should take charge!

The points values of the battles will be:

Black Templars (1200 points) vs. Blood Ravens (1150 points)
Crimson Fists (1150 points) vs. Orks (1275 points)
Dark Eldar (1100 points) vs. Chaos (1150 points)

The variable points levels are a reflection the rules, which in turn depend on the territories held by the players, the upgrades built on the territories, the spread thin rule and expenditure of empire points from the first round.  Anyone care to make any predictions?

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