Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Imperial Bastion

On impulse, I picked up an Imperial Bastion a while ago to add to my growing scenery collection. Putting together this monolith took a little bit of time (more so than the arcane fulcrums which feature much less pieces) but the end result is reasonable. Pictured is the final kit fully assembled.  It is placed on top of a circular mdf board that will eventually be a modular board piece decorated to a desert theme for a board I plan on building.

The only real complaint that I have about the kit is that the sides of the finished product don't seem to come together neatly (i.e. square on). This is especially true as one progresses upward in height. The lower reaches fit together quite snugly, but the upper wall that the models will peer over the top of don't fit nicely at all. Some green stuff may be required.

And that segways in to another thought. I would like to make this bastion a little more, ummm, chaotic in nature. But I don't want to completely ruin the obvious basis of the scenic piece (i.e. I want it to still look like a bastion). So, I'm thinking of applying some select green stuff to make it a bit more nurgle-inspired. Or perhaps a paint job to indicate its chaotic travellings. I'm still a bit undecided! Opinions welcome!

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