Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Turbo Laser-Destructor

In painting up one of the weapons for my titan, I wanted to communicate two things:
(1) a paint scheme that continued the main colours of the titan that I've already commenced;
(2) the sheer power of a great and monolithic weapon mounted on a titanic (literally) weapon of war.

Hence, the outer shell for the turbo laser-destructor follows the silvered green colour scheme that I applied for the main torso of my titan. Additionally, there is the gold edging as per the rest of the beast. 

For the sheer power communication, I've opted to try a bit of wet blending on the interior of the tubes that form the main part of the weapon. Using a base coat of mechrite red with a shade of reikland flesh, I then applied some curvy brighter red streaks, followed by orange and yellow. Now, in real life, lasers can have any colour -- one simply tunes them to a particular wavelength. Hence any colour is appropriate for lasers. This one is red, with flecks of "something happening" inside the tubes as the power is attempted to be contained. Or at least that was the vibe that I was "gunning" for (pun not intended).

The weapon is not yet finalised though. I need to go over the silvered areas a bit to touch them up from where the green from the air compressor went too close to them. Some weathering (etc) is also yet to be done, but that will take place at the same time that I weather the rest of the titan -- especially on the green bits. I will also aim to show some heat discolouring toward the tip of the weapon as well. But these are steps for another day. At least the basis is now in place!

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