Monday, June 6, 2016

A Late Birthday Present

A late birthday present got delivered recently: Imperial Knights Renegade!

I'm very much looking forward to the construction challenge and painting of this set to say the least. That said, remember how long its taken me to make my Storm Eagle and the Warhound Titan. Progress might be slow -- but its the journey that matters. Equally, given this is plastic, it might be a whole load quicker. Painting will be at a normal pace though. I'm thinking of matching the colours of my Warhound with these guys to some extent. But I'm not 100% certain on that at this stage. Choices, choices!

I'm also thrilled at the saving present on this boxed set. Ignoring the die and the rules / game included, there's a pair of Imperial Knights inside plus the scenery. To be explicit (and I know other people have already pointed it out -- but its such a huge saving, its worth restating):

Imperial Knight Gallant / Crusader / Warden: GBP 95
Imperial Knight Errant / Paladin: GBP 85
Sanctum Imperialis: GBP 20

Total: GBP 200.

Bought through an outlet such as Wayland Games, this is basically 50% of the price. In all the years since I've been playing games (which is from the start basically -- well Rogue Trader at any rate), I have never seen Games Workshop do such a heavy discount. Hence even if Imperial Knights are going to be re-done (I don't think they are), the Knights in this box will still be valid for 30k and that's the way that I'm probably going to build them.

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