Friday, June 10, 2016

Champion of the Alpha Legion

This is a miniature that I created from Forge World parts from the Legion Champion kit. A few of the bits have been switched around. Obviously the head is citadel plastic -- this comes from the Betrayal at Calth set. I though it was very fitting for an Alpha Legion champion to have a shaved head. Although they're probably not so stupid as their 40k cousins to go around without a helmet in to battle, at least there's a painting challenge in there for me with facial "electoos". The head is also positioned to be looking directly down the blade, as if thinking whether to execute some poor soul or not.

The shoulder pads are different ones than what comes in the box as well. I think their addition creates a feeling of organisation and seriousness compared to the base legion champion.

Finally, I made the mistake of mounting the miniature on a regular circular base. I then glued it on top of a larger 32mm circular base. I will disguise this in due course with some scenic basing. The upshot (of course) is that the miniature will stand tall on the battlefield!

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