Thursday, June 16, 2016

Plasma Blast Gun

My Warlord Titan is getting very close to final assembly now. I've painted up every part of it that I intend to put together to at least a base colour standard. And today, here's the progress on the Plasma Blast Gun component. It is not finished though. Its just at a base colour standard right now. I need to perform shading, highlighting, weathering and everything else yet. But to do that, I want it attached and on the model so I can decide in a collective, whole-model approach, how to achieve these aims. 

Regardless of that, I wanted the plasma blast gun to look like it was pulsating with power along its coils. And for that reason, I decided to have several colours of blue along its length with a periodic white-blue highlight colour along the length. I think this suggests that the power is pulsating along and about to erupt from its tip. It still needs work in the blending department, but otherwise I think these base colours look neat.

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