Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Planetary Empires Campaign - Round 2 Update

Continuing a few reports based on our local campaign, Round 2 has now played itself out and the Planetary Empires map has been updated accordingly. 

So what happened here?

Well, my 30k Alpha Legion forces played against the Space Wolves (40k) in this round. The mission was "harvesting", in which there were 4 objectives and each player gains 1 victory point for controlling any objective and the end of the OTHER player's turn. 

In playing against the Space Wolves, I did something that I've not done much before: chose something other than infiltrate for my mutable tactic. Instead, I selected counter attack as I knew my opponent was running a bucket load of wolves backed up with long fangs and Wolfen. Further, due to the way the games are set up, I was at a 75 pt disadvantage. I didn't think I had much to lose, so I castled up in one corner of the board with a terminator squad hunkered down in a land raider for most of the game. This remarkably paid off, and I scored a victory as I took out the Space Wolf army piecemeal, whilst retaining the bulk of my army in a largish blob. 

In the other game, the Eldar massacred the Chaos / Khorne forces by a very very narrow margin. I was thinking that their game could have gone either way -- and it could have right down to the last moment. A few saving throws here or there gone the other way and it would have been a massacre the other way around. A very tense game.

This means that the updated map shows that the Eldar are winning with 6 tiles in total (they're undefeated!). Both Chaos and my Alpha Legion have 1 win and 1 loss each, but I now have 4 tiles and Chaos has 3. The Space Wolves are yet to score a victory and have been reduced down to 1 tile. In the next round, I will be facing off against the Eldar. I'm not looking forward to those D-Scythes to be honest with you. But we'll see what happens!

As a result of these battles, I stole one of the Space Wolves tiles right at the top of the map, whilst the Eldar conquered one of Chaos' tiles adjacent to their territory. We both expanded in to the only unclaimed land. Much building of manufactoria proceeded (they give +50 points value for a battle) and we now find ourselves in this situation. We're having a week off, so round 3 won't be until 2 weeks time. Wish me luck! (I'm going to need it against 40k Eldar!). 

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