Monday, June 13, 2016

Heresy-Era Assault Squad

Behold: a fully assembled, kit-bashed, converted and undercoated Heresy-era assault squad!

This has been a project long in the making, with a gathering of components from a large variety of sources including (but by no means limited to):
Mk II, III, IV, V and VI space marines (both forge world and plastics, including command sets and other veteran sets);
Grey Knights;
Dark Angels;
Space Wolves;
Chaos Space Marines;
Chaos Raptors;
Khorne Berzerkers;
Eldar (mostly the bladed weapons);
Maxmini (the "iron pattern" jump packs).

The goal here was to create a 10-man strong squad where the leader has a plasma pistol and thunder hammer and is accompanied by 9 others, two of whom also sport plasma pistols. Each of them has been extensively kit-bashed and some have minor to strong conversion work applied to make everything fit together and pose well. 

They have each been individually based with a variety of urban-style rubble and mechanised junk. And they've all been undercoated in black spray paint (citadel) for preparation for the next layer. I'm torn on whether to paint them up as Alpha Legion or whether to go for some Black Shields now! The original idea was to go for just a plain assault squad. This idea then morphed in to having a unit of Ultramarine Locutarus Storm Squad stolen by the Alpha Legion under the Coils of the Hydra rite of war. Although the sergeant cannot take a thunder hammer there, I could use it as a counts-as standard weapon perhaps. And now I'm thinking of using them as Black Shields or similar. So many choices. I better get painting them up!

Given that I invested so much time in to them, I thought it appropriate to also take individual pictures of each of them (see below). This way, its easier to gain an appreciation of the level of kit bashing and posing each of them has undergone. 

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Zzzzzz said...

Nice minis. Oh, and Blackshields, definitely.

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