Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Battle Report: Chaos vs. Alpha Legion (1300 pts)


"Whether it was due to warpstorms, mutiny in the ranks, bad luck, or poor judgement, your strike team has found itself marooned on an icy world whose name is simply recorded as Fahrenheit’s Landing in the cartographic surveys of the segmentum. Little is known about the planet other than it has low temperatures all across it and that a long time ago, the Imperium used to have a presence here. But no longer. Whatever disaster afflicted Fahrenheit’s Landing happened a long time ago and only relics remain. There is no life here other than yourselves and whoever else got flung here in the warp storms."

Video Battle Report.
The video below is a battle report for combined chaos space marines and chaos daemons versus my Alpha Legion force. It is played out at 1300 points.

Now, I know that that points value seems like a strange one. We are actually engaged in a Planetary Empires campaign wherein the points value will vary from week to week. The first few frames of the video includes a map overview of the planet we are playing for. There are 4 players: Alpha Legion (me!), Space Wolves, Chaos, and Eldar. Nominally, we're going to have 5 rounds, but we'll see how it goes ultimately. 

We had a good time in this game -- particularly the late turns which proved hilarious for reasons you'll see if you watch the video!

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