Friday, June 3, 2016

Planetary Empires Campaign - Round 1 Update

As readers may be aware, we're currently engaged in a small scale Planetary Empires Campaign. For this, we are using the modified "Blended Empires" rules that have been posted here a long time ago. (See: here and here). 

Earlier this week, I posted a video battle report of my own battle against the vile forces of chaos… which I lost miserably due to my daft deployment and not handling the Heldrake very well at all. Meanwhile, the Eldar scored a massacre victory over the Space Wolves. 

These results gave 8 Empire Points to the Eldar, 7 to Chaos, and 3 each to us "loyalists". 

And now, Round 1 is over with, and Empire Points have been earned and spent by the players. The only rule we impose for Round 1 spending is that players may not conquer other player's tiles. Therefore everyone expanded in to unclaimed tiles, did various upgrades, and bought veterans and reinforcements.

The updated map is below.

In the next round I will be facing off against the Space Wolves (on 1425 points-- 1300 points base, plus 1 manufactorum, plus 1 reinforcements) whilst I will face them with 1350 points (1300 base plus 1 manufactorum), plus one unit to be upgraded with a veteran rule thanks to my Bastion. I'm thinking some +1 initiative for my marine squad to be able to strike first against I=4 wolves. 

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