Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More Apothecary

Following on from the Primus Medicae in my last post, today a shot of a completely assembled regular apothecary, reporting for duty.

The base still needs some work performed on it to complete the look (and scene) off, but otherwise this one is on the shelf and ready for painting. In terms of the sculpt itself, I particularly like the extra lenses on the helmet -- I've genuinely no idea what they're for, or the narrative for them (infra-red perhaps?), but they do look very cool. Who wouldn't want to be treated by a person with so many eyes, after all?


Rob Hill said...

I love this apothecary model, I used it as the base for one of my blood angel sanguinary priests. I think it is one of the few still poses from either GW and FW that manages not to look static if you take my meaning? I'm excluding the character series from that conclusions as they are another level mind you!

jabberjabber said...

I like the models that has a certain quantum of dynamism about them -- I've tried to do that with my Alphas along the way as well, as much as possible.

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