Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Princeps Alpharius and Moderati

More painting progress, and this time it is the Princeps and Moderati of my Warhound Titan, Novacula Occulta. The Princeps goes by the name of Alpharius (naturally), following the seizure of the Legio Perennia titans in the events that are depicted in the Horus Heresy short story, The Harrowing.

For these miniatures, I wanted a colour scheme that set them apart from the usual grey fatigues and bronzed helmets that I'm used to seeing on such miniatures. Hence I opted for muted greens on the body work, coupled with a bright silver helmet and a scarlet red military coat on the Princeps. 

The part of the painting that I'm most proud of is the normal eye of the Princeps. If you look closely, you'll see that not only have I got the white of the eye just about right, but I actually managed to get a steady enough hand to make the dot of the eye in the centre. The more observant will see that its not black either -- its very dark blue, to give it a bit more character. 

The beard and moustache is another highlight that I very much like here. A black undercoat followed by selective (and predominantly) white highlighting has lead to a quality of facial hair that suggests most of the colour has gone out of it due to age, but there are some black hairs still left over that haven't yet turned white. The skin is also complements this colouring nicely with a wash of flesh shade giving it a nice tone (I particularly like the right hand of the un-gloved Moderati). 

Overall, I'm pleased with the quality here and will be gluing these men in to place in the command cockpit of the Warhound Titan very soon. 

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