Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warhammer World: The Rock of the Dark Angels

Lurking in the classics section of Warhammer World is this little diorama. Its of The Rock -- the Tower of Angels -- the last remnants of Caliban that the Dark Angels inhabit. 

The background and the models mark it out as in the earlier years of 40k, but interestingly to me, it is already apparent that the paint work in the diorama is edging away from bright and glorious colours, to something a bit more moody, and grim-dark in tone and nature. For this reason, I find the diorama fascinating as it echoes what is to come in terms of the realism that the painting team at Games Workshop later went for over the almost festival like colours of clean and pristine marines earlier on.

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Zuul said...

I've only seen the one photo of this one.

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