Thursday, May 12, 2016

Applying the first layer of paint to a Titan

The Warhound Titan (or indeed any large model) can be very daunting to paint. Not only is there a HUGE surface area to cover, but there's also the question of how to paint it reasonably well in a half decent amount of time.

The only answer to these questions for me is to use airbrushes or spray cans.

For the Titan, I used a base coat of citadel spray can black everywhere. I literally soaked the Titan from every angle to ensure that it all was covered in a quality black undercoat. This is where all the scrubbing at the start pays off -- the black undercoat stuck perfectly well to the resin of the Titan except in just one or two minor (meaning millimetres) patches. I'm not bothered by these few random regions to be honest. The black undercoat looked very good!

From there, I used my regular airbrush with a dose of watered down (and specifically thinned) rune fang silver to apply the first layer.

In the pictures, this layer can be seen lying on top of the black for the carapace of the Titan, as well as the greaves and the top plate.

One thing to note here is that the silver has not been evenly applied. This is totally intentional and not some trick of photography. In the image top plate especially, it is plain to see that there are certain horizontal lines where I've gone over the black with a rather thick coat of the silver. In other locations, I've left a lot of the black showing through. On the greaves, there is a lot of silver toward the top and along the central vertical line.

The aim here is that when I apply the first colour layer, it will have a bit of a gradient to it. Ranging from very bright at the curves of the Titan, to duller (darker) in the centre of the plain regions. This will eventually give the titan something of a colour gradient to enhance what is already there in terms of the topography of the miniature itself. Can't wait to get to the next stage! Hurry up and dry thoroughly!

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