Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Warhammer World: Bugman's Bar

Linking off the main gaming room in Warhammer World, I sated my appetite at the world famous Bugman's Bar during my visit there a while ago. In Games Workshop's own words: "Named in honour of the greatest dwarfen brew-master, Josef Bugman, Bugman’s Bar offers dining and comfort areas to suit your needs for a filling lunch, quick snack or coffee and cake."

In the pictures below, I hope I communicate the scale of the room. Its bigger than I expected -- much bigger to be honest. And plenty busy too with both staff members and the general public all appearing to use it equally. 

In some ways, it reminded me of a modern chain pub with reasonable quality food on offer as well as regular drinks. I've snapped the dessert menu in the images below as well as the menu on the Warhammer World web site already details the mains available. (NB: menu correct at time of photography, they might well have changed it by now!). I liked the cute little blurb about the meals as well as the names for each of them. For the record, I had the banoffee waffles for afters, otherwise known as the Ostland Outriders Grillcake. 

Beyond this, there's some limited merchandise to purchase here as well (stubbies and the like), and there's stained glass effect windows, plus big chairs and fires for one's inner dwarf to relax to. 

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